Valerie Castile on the Systematic Genocide of Black People by the American State

Son of Baldwin
Jun 17, 2017 · 2 min read


“Hey Facebook and everybody around the world,

I’m sure y’all seen this bullshit that happened today.

FUCK what they talking about! Yeah, I’m going live now. I been holding myself, trying to be strong, and not say the wrong things because I already know how they get down.

I’m 61 years old: I’ve seen it; I’ve smelled it; I’ve heard it. Now you see exactly what these motherfuckers think about us.

They murdered my motherfucking son with his seat belt on. So what does that say to you?

Now they got free reign to keep killing us any kind of way they want to.

So I just want to say one thing to everybody out there: I don’t give a fuck what you do! Do what your heart desires because that shit wasn’t right!

And I’m here to say that and FUCK THE POLICE!

Say whatever the fuck you want to say!

NOW THIS IS THE REAL VALERIE CASTILE! I don’t give no fuck no more! This shit is crazy!

You gonna kill a man in front of a child and a woman! Who gon’ bring some children to a motherfucking gun fight? Come the fuck on! PLEASE!

I don’t know where they got those motherfucking jurors from, but that was some straight-up bullshit! And they gonna keep on killing us as long as we sit down and just take it!

‘Oh yeah — he was in fear for this life!’ Bull Mother Fucking Shit! You shouldn’t be no police officer if you’re gonna handle yourself in that manner.

Do what you do!

’Cause this shit gonna keep on happening, and it’s gon’ be YOU one day in this fucked-up Mother’s Club with their children murdered by the motherfucking police!

I don’t give no fucks!

Man, y’all just don’t know how a sister’s feeling right now. If I had it my way, it’s on and CRACKING!

FUCK THAT SHIT! I’m sick of this shit! Y’all been killing motherfuckers all these years, but here in Minnesota, this cracker-bama-ass motherfucking state: fuck these motherfuckers!

And with that: peace out, do your motherfucking thing, whatever!

Have a nice life!

I hope that motherfucker die tonight!


Son of Baldwin

Written by

Author of the upcoming novel THE PROPHETS from Putnam Books. Coming in 2021.