“ He exercises the white male privilege invested in him by being a product of the United States, by…
Phillip A.

You thought you had some smart-ass response to this didn’t you, Kyle?

Here, have several seats and let’s take your crusty ass to school right quick.

I guarantee that you’re completely ignorant of the US’ genocidal history on the Korean peninsula, which was one of the deadliest indiscriminate bombing campaigns in modern history. A bombing campaign that included the use of napalm, targeted infrastructure that would cause floods and food shortages(US intent of killing civilians by starving the population); a campaign so brutal that it left a scene so gruesome, that even the US’ commander’s stomach curdled at the sight of the aftermath. That the divide between the ‘North’ and the ‘South’ was exacerbated by the US and their genocidal provisional military government that was forced upon and overwhelmingly unpopular with the Korean population.

There’s lots more history of the Korean Peninsula that your lazy ass should probably look into on your own, instead of regurgitating western media’s inaccurate and offensive propaganda about the nation which are views rooted in classic racist, oriental despotism. Any person with a halfway decent moral compass wouldn’t have any favorable opinion of the west’s involvement on the peninsula.(or anywhere for that matter)

But back to this kid…

maybe, just maybe… the material conditions of otto’s prison sentence wouldn’t have been so harsh if the nation wasn’t under such economic stress which is largely the result of aggressive, genocidal sanctions from the US.(sanctions which always have the intention of starving populations into submission or extinction.)

Given all this context I’m surprised anyone has sympathy for this white boy. Given all this context, the fact that the DPRK still allows white Americans to enter is beyond me. Which reminds me… the DPRK was one of the few nations that stood in solidarity with the Black struggle. The Black Panthers visited and held the nation in high regard as a great example of resilient self-determination of a group of people resisting white supremacy/western imperialism.

So yes, you ignorant child; un-ironically, long live juche thought. May it help free marginalized peoples from the greedy clutches of Amerikkkan imperialism.

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