Remember when lunch was for wimps and only ‘closers’ got a look in on coffee rounds, when afternoons were spent in power hours, and remembering your ABCs meant boiler room selling.

In the same way that the internet replaced queues by the fax machine and CRMs removed the Rolodex, the traditional way of hard selling is a thing of the past.

Recruiters need to always be closing

Unlike Alec Baldwin’s infamous one-liner to always be closing or hit the bricks, recruitment has moved beyond the days of hard selling, to be about nurturing the journey and managing your pipeline.

A phone is no longer the only key to engagement, which is why every touch point with a candidate and client is still an opportunity to nudge them further down the sales process.

Even down to your interactions on social media; a like here, sharing useful content there, it’s a gentle nudge to those you might be waiting on a decision from. It also keeps you on the radar of those that might be weighing up making a move.

Recruiting in the 21st century boils down to constant engagement with your candidates and clients and keeping a steady handle over the recruitment journey.

  • Are you using every call and conversation to analyse their needs and what would broker a deal?
  • Have you then considered and attended to their reservations so that you can anticipate their objections?
  • If it’s a ‘no’ perhaps you could ‘tip the bucket’ and have them lay all their reservations on the table. Almost all decisions in sales encounter several ‘no’s’ before they secure a ‘yes’. You shouldn’t be forcing a ‘yes’ but understanding what makes it a ‘no’.
  • Are you properly maintaining your CRM, so that you know a well-placed phone call six months down the line will be received well?

Always be connecting

Recruitment is a series of relationships and the best recruiters know that it’s an ongoing conversation, not a one-sided push to drive candidates into commission.

The real ABC mantra of recruitment is that you need to always be connecting and building your pipeline. A well-nurtured network is a goldmine and becomes its own source of talent acquisition.

In addition to being the best source of market intelligence, your networks can become the best source of referrals and introductions to talent.

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