US Army should better think about its almost non existent tactical missiles (except the ancient…

Agreed especially against a near peer in an a2d environment army indirect and direct fires are the key to fight. Alas, those are capabilities that leadership neglects and fails to truly focus on as they should.

They all seem to forget the Land portion of air land battle. Minor focus on making existing indirect fire from artillery to MLRS more lethal through increased lethality of ordinance and missiles would be short money to offset the threats in Eastern Europe. Armour brigades with robust artillery and missiles create longer range fires that are maneuverable and can provide for wide dispersal with modern networking. Systems that can not only blunt the point of opposing forces spear but reach deep to attack nodes of support, c2c, and anti air.

But Alas we instead send out gunned out ranged Stryker brigades that need air support to help them survive as they turn a round and haul ass out of the danger zone.

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