Have you heard of Chernobyl?
Justin Renquist

Nuclear is the safest form of energy production we have in this world. One ounce of Uranium has 16,000 times more energy than coal and creates millions of times less pollution. Facts and science can’t be ignored even the waste stream of nuclear are minuscule compared to fossil fuels. 61 nuke plants produce 1/5th of all us energy.

As for safety Fukushima killed no one The WHO report even documents and shows even those in the most effected areas of the Fukushima prefecture received only 2 to 3 CT chest scans worth of radiation exposure. Compared to nat gas and hydro accidents/disasters this is nothing the 2010 California gas line explosion killed 8. China dam collapses in 1975 killed 230,000.

When you add both Immediate and incidental deaths against production nat gas is 1.3 x more dangerous than nuclear; coal is 27 x more dangerous than nuclear; hydro is 46 x more dangerous. Nuclear energy prevents 80,000 air pollution related deaths a year.

The key for development in increased efficiency in the production cycle and this really requires a fluid fuel design. LWRs are highly inefficient and only burn a small percentage of its fuel. A liguid field reactor of molten salts ctrat d higher heat levels burns up to 99% of it fuel and uses U-233 as fuel which has a lower half life. Given the high efficiency there is less waste. Operating as a fluid reactor if there ever was a breach the molten salts of Flourine, Lithium, and Berylium reactors operate a normal pressure so no catastrophic explosion of a pipe breaks. If the molten salts do spill they freeze when they leak createing a solid limiting contamination and clean up. Where as a LWR realease gases into the air and water the molten salts freeze and traps containments.

Given the 99% efficiency it reduces waste and fission product build out no longer need to be treated as waste product but can be processsed online by the reactor and removed refined as saleable by products.

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