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Wow, how about some actual reporting instead of hysterical talking points. Did you even take the time to review NOAAs budget to understand if there is any appreciable impact to the proposed reductions.

Or are you such a member of the establishment and slave to it you just need to rAnt about cuts.

NOAA budget:

2014: 5.43B

2015: 5.44B

2016: 5.98B

2017: 5.8B (proposed)

So the proposed budget is only 200M below 2016 and 360M above 2015. Not much of a cut. Given there are no planned satellite Aquistion for 2017 the reduction over 2016 seems like it doesn’t go far enough.

Better yet within NOAA’s budget the NWS budget was actual reduced by the Obama administration over the above budget years. Funny, in searching for any writing by you decrying those budget cuts to the NWS I could find none.

So before you cry wolf you should research the matter instead of letting Your acute case of TDS trigger your rant.

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