God, Guts and Glory.

“NASCAR is the only sport where you get paid to start and finish in the same position.”, Donald Wettrick. Left turns, alcohol and hicks just go hand-in-hand like the good ol’ red, white and blue. To be a professional NASCAR driver you must be one of the top 32 drivers in the world. You also must have control of a vehicle going over 150 miles an hour and you cannot move the car left or right more than a few inches without causing a crash. Racing stripped out and powerful cars in A giant oval with thousands of spectators watching just makes sense. Personally I believe NASCAR should be an Olympic sport because in track they do the exact same thing but on foot. Why don’t add vehicles and make it a little bit more interesting.

Trying to find people who love racing are not hard to find at all. Trying to find opinions that are worthwhile listening to are very hard to find mostly because the Fanbase is typically known as the middle-class trailer park type of people that don’t care for much else other then NASCAR, God, our boys overseas, and George W. Bush. Despite those factors I will spend a little bit of time trying to find contacts that are very professional; and a few contacts that are not as professional to obtain the reasoning for why both types of people enjoy the sport. I have already reached out to a few members of the NASCAR community and I will provide updates when I have enough information to report.

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