His Final Lesson

In the beginning there was rhythm
rhythm founded a relationship between sounds
sounds created the moods of melodies
melodies nurtured expression through words
words aroused the singer to dance

And that, my friend, that is
what music is
a cosmic language
a meeting and a farewell
a recognition of souls

And now, my friend, tell me
which part of creation is devoid of music
watch grains of sand dance in the barren desert
hear the pitch within an abandoned sea shell
waves crash against a cliff, mismatched cymbals
within the whistling wind, a flute-bearer softly teases
it started with a steady beat of the heart
each thought exudes vibrations
even blood flows with its own song

As you recite scriptures with a poetic lilt
tell me, my friend, do you still doubt
this Creation is but a musical composition?

And the final silence is essentially
an unheard sound….


Raag Purvi is a mysterious and solemn raag (melody)


I needed to write this poem as a dedication to our music teacher, our Guruji who suddenly left us on Monday 2nd May, 2016.

Less than 18 hours before his demise, he was at my house giving us a lesson. You can imagine how astounded my daughter and I are to hear he is no more. He brought us into the world of Indian Classical music. A musician, a story teller, a guide and much more, he left us too early. We shall miss him…deeply.

He had over 1,800 students and gave countless lessons over his lifetime. It was a privilege that my daughter and I had the honor of his final lesson. I know in my heart he held out for that final lesson.

May he Rest in Music

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