Final Reflection Paper

INTD 3010

Rebeca Finnerty

April 8th 2016

I really enjoyed our Inquiry of Violence class this year, especially our discussions. Despite being a tad traumatizing, it really was one of my favourite classes and I loved reading about various authors theories. If I were to choose a subject from class to write about in this paper, I would probably have a lot to say about witnesses. I am not sure why but that topic really seems to stand out in my mind. I had never thought about the idea of different types of witnesses before. It makes me wonder how the authors research their hypotheses. Despite enjoying the classes, especially the class about witnesses, I am not going to write my reflection about it. I am going instead write about a case of assault which occurred in my town recently.

Around Easter when I went back to my hometown I was told by my cousin and uncle was that one of my former elementary school teachers went charged with physically assaulting a student. When I researched it for more information, I had found that he had supposedly hit a student. The article had also said that the student was not injured. I have issues with this charge. Like the word “violence,” I feel that the word “assault” is also to freely used in the modern world. I am not saying that my teacher may not have hit the kid but I have difficulty believing that it is actually assault. Anyone with authority, especially over children, can be blamed for anything. If that authority figure accidentally bumped into a child in the hallway, when the child went home and told their parents I feel the parents’ would consider it abuse. Granted, I may be bias as I had this teacher in school when I was younger but from what I remember about him, he was not a teacher who would abuse children. He was the teacher that every child wanted, and we were always disappointed when we were given a different teacher. If anything, I feel that a child may have been misbehaving or being rude in his class so he gave the child a smack across the head to get their attention. It was reported that the child was not hurt.
 This is all my opinion so for all I know I could be wrong. The reason I feel that that everything is consider when children are involved is because of the fact that so people see corporal punishment is wrong. Children no longer have respect towards authority figures because their parents have never resorted to giving their child a smack on the butt when verbal punishment do not work. How can a child learn to respect secondary authority figure such as a teacher when their primary one does not teach them to respect any figure? I feel that what most likely happened in the case of my teacher was that he just not was able to control himself any longer. I know there are times when children are misbehaving in store or are being extremely rude towards parents that I want to go over a smack them. I have no urge to hurt the child. They just need something to startle them. If they parent does nothing but yell at them, more yelling is not going to startle them out of their behaviour. Whether it is yelling or corporal punishment, there just has to be a limit.

I know that a lot of people probably disagree with me and I can understand their feelings. My opinion probably comes from the way I was raised. I just feel that there has to be a limit when it comes to authority figures and their power over children. If my teacher just gave the student a smack across the head because he was misbehaving, I do not believe that he should be charged. As mentioned, I believe the word “assault” has the same problem as “violence.” It is used to casually and freely. I think may cause issues in the future. Just to clarify, none of this involves sexual assault which is a whole different level of violence for me.


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