Announces Launch Of New Data Visualization Software

New York City, NY — A lot of people are tired of the endless jargons related with making visual presentations, data sheet, factual reports and other statistics and figures. They not only involve a lot of effort, but at the same time, the kind of detailing and accuracy which they need is very high. is the company that has come to the rescue of all those who have been tired of these presentations and visual graphs. They have released new data visualization software which will simplify all these tasks immensely. Their new software comes padded with a lot of useful features.

One can create online dashboards, populate them with the right amount of data, embed the right diagrams and thereby impress their clients with impeccable charts and beautiful illustration. It is one of the finest ways of sorting data and illustrating it in an apt manner.

The software offers the provision of both adding the data manually and even allowing the data sheet to be populated with the help of other excel spreadsheet and documents as well. These days, everyone is in the search of the right kind of widgets that could make things a lot easier to handle. The type of widgets that this software offers is exemplary and it is one reason as to why people are surely going to love what this software offers.

Further, even when it comes to the amount of variety which the charts have to offer, one will be pleased to note that this software offers the option of having multiple charts as well. The dynamic charts are all resizable and you will get various options like hiding or revealing data and adding a lot more details to make the charts informative. One also gets various themes to pick from as these will aid in better and smarter customization as well.

Those who are willing to share the results should know that one can share the data charts with one click. Even when it comes to organizing the different elements, the software offers easy ways of doing so. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that has invested a lot of time and effort for designing this software and they are hopeful that it will be hailed to be exceptional by the users.

Those who wish to know more about the software and how it can serve the needs in an apt manner should make it a point to visit and check out all the listed details.


It has been founded upon the belief that having visually represented data in an apt manner can bring about the right dividends and make a presentation much more interesting. The software that is designed is made user friendly and useful.

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