The real traitors are the Communists themselves. This has been proved in great detail by K.K. Chaudhuri in his seminal work entitled Quit India Revolution.

P.C. Joshi, who was then the secretary of the party, was the first to approach the then Home Minister, Reginald Maxwell offering him his party"s services to betray Congress volunteers. Joshi gave a promise to Maxwell that he will form pro-government (meaning pro-British) guerrilla camps in Punjab to fight the Congress. Indeed, he even went to the extent of submitting to the British government a 120-page report, typed in single space, on the splendid work that his party was doing to disrupt the 1942 movement in province after province, and how it was braving nationalist opposition.

Writes Chaudhuri: "The 120-page report of Joshi on the good work by the CPI to finish off the Quit India movement could not have been improved by any other collaborator of the British or by any quisling. Joshi was so anxious to prove the CPI"s bona fides and its utility to the British that he claimed that it was doing a better job of stemming the Quit India movement of denouncing Subhas Bose and leaders of the underground like Jai Prakash, Ram Manohar Lohia, Achyutrao Patwardhan than the government themselves. Joshi argued that Communists were more vigilant in tracking down ?saboteurs? than the police and CID. Communists emphatically claimed that they had successfully divided the nationalists and Joshi grandiloquently described Communists as martyrs who were assaulted and vilified by the Congress... . The tone and contents of Joshi"s performance reports reveal crystal clear what CPI had done to sabotage the 1942 movement."

Furthermore, adds Chaudhuri: "It should be emphasised that the British did not entice the Communists into betraying the Quit India movement. In fact, the Communists went about systematically and persistently brandishing their usefulness to the government." Thanks to the Communist Party of India, several hundred Congress volunteers were betrayed to the police; the volunteers were subsequently arrested, jailed and tortured, resulting in some deaths. P.C. Joshi considered it his bounden duty and right to attack the policy and activities of Subhas Chandra Bose and the Socialists as being treacherous and unpatriotic; even worse, the Communists openly supported the Partition of India.

The Communists proclaimed that India was not one nation but "a collection of several separate nationalities" and that "the demand for Pakistan is a just and democratic one because Hindus would oppress them in future." In the face of all this, if the Congress of today wants to accept the support of the CPM, it is its business, but the country must know the real face of the Communists. From the very start they were anti-national and are best described as traitors to the cause of an undivided India. In his overture to Maxwell, Joshi called all opponents of the CPI, including the Congress as "fascist elements and fifth columnists". To quote Chaudhuri again: "He (Joshi) was optimistic and felt compelled to support the (Muslims) League in its demand for the vivisection of India. One of the objects of the propaganda was to stimulate a lively interest in the demand for Pakistan so as to recruit Muslims in their ranks." Vajpayee can defend himself but the Communists, of whatever brand, cannot defend themselves. The sad part of it all is that the BJP does not seem to have any clue as to the role of the Communists and their false claim to secularism. By openly supporting the demand for Pakistan, the Communists have long forfeited the respect of the country. For any party to support the CPM today is an insult to the concept of secularism. The CPM should be isolated.