Tinder in New York City

When I first arrived in NYC, most of people recommended me to download and use Tinder.... I directly answered them: Really?! Am I looking like a girl who wants to have a different guy every night in her bed? I was more than skeptical.

In France using Tinder is telling the city that you’re an easy girl… or completely naïve. But I quickly realized that when you’re new in New York City or in another big city, it’s a really good way to meet local people... Not to sleep with them... Just to meet them.

After confronting my fear, I became addicted of flipping guy's pictures on the right or left. My goal was clear: meeting new people, practicing my English and through some dates discovering new places in NYC. 
And I have to confess you that it worked!

I didn't meet the love of my life or my best friend but I met some really nice people. Between an actor living in Bronx, a famous shoe designer living in Soho, and a gay guy who wanted a straight experience, I learned about NYC lifestyle, how to find your way and also how to avoid crazy guys on this app.

New York is, for me, the greatest city in the world. Here everything is different, nothing is common. People are from everywhere. When I arrived I meant to meet "real New Yorkers", but it was a huge mistake to think in this way. New York is diverse, a New Yorker is not the guy who was born and raised there. A New Yorker is a foreigner. All cultures are represented in this city, there is not a specific definition and representation of a New Yorker. 
The Big Apple shows how all the world can live in one city, how we can mix every culture. The multiculturalism is the best way to define New York City.

Since then, I decided to stop using Tinder. Mostly because I can consider myself as the New Yorker now.

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