Science saved my family lunch!

When a quick meal turns into a 2.30 hrs lunch, with 4 kids under 5, believe me, entertainment is key! Science was my saver today.

Today, we went to see an amazing show — My first ballet: Cinderella, performed by the second year students of the English National Ballet School. I highly recommend it by the way! The show was amazing and finished at noon, which was perfect timing for a quick bite with our little ones, all under 5’s. First restaurant was an Italian one, perfect choice to accommodate everyone. But guess what, the entire audience had the same idea and they weren’t staffed as they should have been. Despite ordering the kiddie food as we got there (Spag Bol and pizza), it took a longgggg time for them to get their food and then they had to wait again for our food to be served later!

But science saved me! The girls grandma had bought them the crowns that you need to have for such a show… of course :) — pink with feathers and flashing lights!

Up to that point, it only looked like a crown… but when a tiny (and I say tiny!) feather got removed, the fun started. That teeny tiny feather started to fly around us, which caught the girls’ attention. Then I blew it and guess what, it flew to the ceiling. Then they tried to catch it, but it kept escaping.

“Tiny feather flying” — “I caught it, so cool!”

As a good scientist, we started making some predictions — what do you think will happen if I just open my hand and let it go… what will happen if I drop it from above my head? What will happen if I blow it? What will happen if we get it wet? Ooooooh it stays stuck to my finger… why is that!?! This one is bigger, it falls faster... why is that?

Well, I can say that it entertained the girls for a good 30+mins…. which was amazing!!! The crowns are less happy about it as they lost a fair bit of feathers but hey — from my point of view, that was well worth it :).

When my friend Hannah mentioned she wanted to run science classes for kids, it got my attention. She is the scientific one, I am more the imaginative one with my kids but I love what you can learn from the good old science concepts and the scientific methodology. This is a brilliant lesson for kids — think about a concept, make predictions, experiment, observe, re-adjust if need be and analyse the results. All these things are so natural for kids. They are naturally curious, which makes it so much easier and fun. I love science and it clearly saved the day today!

WhooshPop — we run science classes for little ones in Richmond. We bring the world of science alive in a fun environment with plenty of songs, games, sensory and craft activities, stories and much more.