This book is an autobiography revealing the life of an Asian-British girl and her culture. The book focuses on her quest to find her dream prince-charming, but includes other enlightening parts such as the life of a muslim in London, perks of being an hijabi, and an insight into the Asian culture, I learnt quite some things about this interesting culture.

On the path to finding The One, Shelina had to cope with her Indian aunties’ various lectures, comparing religion to her culture, the questions that arise in her own head and societal stigma. Aunties and mothers-in-law make up a committee of matchmakers, so they work to find a suitable suitor for Shelina and other girls that are ready to venture into the journey of marriage.

Shelina came to understand in the journey that some parts of her culture are flawed and found solace in the teachings of islam, she discovered more about herself and love, the true meaning of love.

The book answered lots of questions about humans, love, marriage, self-discovery and the hijab. I love how interesting and enlightening this book is, it is well-written and there’s a lot to learn. A particular part i loved among many others was the part where she remembered a popular slang in magazines, women should be independent, her reply was; who says i can’t be married and independent, it’s another point that should be deleted from our minds, marriage isn’t a cage, you can be who you are, it’s a journey through life with a companion.

However, the one reservation I have is personal, I don’t know how and why some muslim women think the rights of women in islam should be reduced to the ideology of feminism. Females are pearls in islam, with numerous rights and freedom, to go around and explore the world as much as they’d love to, so far it’s safe, women can seek knowledge and even teach it, women are free to choose whoever they want to spend the rest of their lives with too. I have issues with the way the rights of women in islam are related to feminism which is what the author did more than once in this book.

Another one i have is the title, i can’t seem to connect it with the book.

All in all, I love this book, it’s a beautiful read and a 4\5 for me .

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