Jodhpur National University- — Transforming Learners into Leaders

Jodhpur National University (JNU) is your perfect gateway to knowledge. JNU is a UGC recognized private university founded under the Private University Act of the State Government. It is located in the suburbs of Jodhpur, India, and the campus is spread over 30acres of land.

The university was established by Sh. Kamal Mehta in 2008 with a pledge to transform learners into leaders. Mr. Mehta’s mission was to provide a source of excellent learning facility the fields of professional and technical education to the people of Rajasthan. He pledged to establish an impressive and comprehensive academic institute so that no one could deprive Rajasthanis of their basic right to education and a good future.

It was his dedication and devotion that made JNU a respectable name in the Indian academia sector. Within no time JNU got recognition as an institution offering top-class infrastructure and facilities, affiliation with different councils for a variety of courses, GATE ranks, reputed faculty and highly interactive teaching environment. It is now known for its high quality education and development of brilliant students as well as university toppers.

You can avail host of integral facilities including library that stocks more than 90,000 books and journals, a 250+ bed hospital with emergency and diagnostics facility, separate accommodation for boys and girls, dedicated transport system for staff and students, banking and ATM facility. The university has affiliation with The Bank of Rajasthan Ltd., and a branch of the said bank is located at the campus.

JNU’s Ethos and Culture:

The university is committed to “Ready to work” philosophy, multi-skilling and promoting sense of nationality and encouraging value-based growth. Here the emphasis is on developing attitudes and skills along with ensuring advanced learning because the focus is on getting students ready for the utterly demanding professional as well as social life ahead. For this purpose, indigenous student-centric pedagogic technologies and techniques of teaching are adopted in conjunction with endorsing tried and tested techniques from some highly revered international universities. Students are required to blend education with group dynamics and action oriented research to ensure comprehensive results.

What You Can learn here?

JNU is not just an institution it is a dream, a mission and an ideology. The idea behind creation of JNU can be summarized as “development of social relevance and concurrent co-operation,” in all aspects of life including personal and professional. The university comprises of more than 13,000 students and offers a wide array of subjects. The list of subjects in which the JNU offers degree and diploma courses are as follows:

· Engineering & Technology

· Management

· Arts

· Commerce

· Law

· Information Technology and Computer Application

· Medicine and Dental

· Applied Sciences

· Education

JNU offers “Research, Post graduate courses, under graduate courses, P.G. diploma and certificates” in all the aforementioned sectors of education.

Why Jodhpur National University?

It is the place where you can expect to gain competitive advantage over your peers and contemporaries in every field of work. Here education is not deemed as a source of attaining a degree or certificate but something that instigates, improvises and improves the ability to learn and realize one’s true potential. It is not just an academic institution for excelling in your desired field of academic but a wholesome training hub that promises a bright future ahead.

Apart from academic activities and learning, the university offers tremendous opportunities to excel in extra-curricular activities. You get a chance to emerge prosperous in both academic and sports because here students are provided ample space to play indoor and outdoor games of all kinds from aerobics and cricket to football and volleyball.

Jodhpur National University provides a wholesome learning experience. It offers all possible facilities to its students and faculty members along with state-of-the-art learning practices and opportunities in order to make sure that your experience becomes fulfilling, rewarding and everlasting.

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