Why is Round Brilliant the most popular Diamond cut?

Round shaped diamonds have a perfect circular outlining. This shape of diamonds is the most popular one out of the ten. About three-fourth the overall sales of diamonds comprises of round shaped ones. Round shape is a traditional brilliant cut with ideally 58 facets. The shape of round brilliant diamonds resembles that of a cone, with a rounded surface.

Round shaped diamonds is one of the oldest shapes of diamonds. The wide margin on the top of round shaped diamonds gives off a prestigious look to the one wearing it. This shape is considered superior to the other contemporary fancy cut diamonds. Round shape diamonds have a major advantage of being able to refract better than the other diamonds. The radiance of this traditional shape is impeccable. Round diamonds are widely known for their scintillating ability, and maximum fire. With optimized refraction of light, round shaped diamonds are exemplary in their luster. KGK Group, the leading diamond distributer in Hong Kong, controls and unabridged supply chain of breathtakingly beautiful diamonds sourced from India, Botswana, South Africa, and Russia.

The eternally stylish diamonds have to be intricately crafted with the correct proportions and symmetry. The sumptuousness that round brilliant cut can offer cannot be compared to any other shape of diamonds. Round cut diamonds, having the highest fire and brilliance out of all the ten shapes, look magnificent as solitaires. Devoid of sharp corners, there happen to be extremely less chances of cracks and damages in these eternal precious stones. KGK Group, one of the few esteemed buyers of Rio Tinto Select Daimantaire,De Beers, and Alrosa , is one of the top diamond jewellery manufacturer in India.

Round shaped diamonds, suiting every look and complementing every skin tone, is the perfect embellishment for every woman. These timeless precious stones make one the cynosure of every event. Offering a dash of elegance and sophistication, round shaped diamonds possess qualities like no other diamond.

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