How to make your Wednesday Rock!!!!

(Or any other day, I’m just writing this on a Wednesday)

It is more common to go through life living in the ordinary. People tend to believe that they can’t achieve the extraordinary because it’s not presented to them on a silver platter. The point of being extraordinary is going that extra mile to stand out from the crowd. It’s something that you chose to do by going out of your way and slowing down the inner clock that pushes you through the ordinary.

So here are some quick and fun things that change your day from ordinary to extraordinary!!! A lot of these will seem like they don’t change much but trust me when I say it makes the day just that more awesome.

1. Breakfast with a friend or family member.

The human race thrives off of relationships. We are designed to interact and connect with people. From the moment we are conceived, a physical attachment has already been made to our mother. When you start the day interacting with someone you care for, it automatically eliminates the feeling of being alone and societal isolation. This opens up the day for more social interactions because you feel secure in yourself!

2. Listen to one of your favorite songs and sing it all the way through.

I can’t emphasize enough the true power of a killer jam sesh. The amount of times my boyfriend and I have listened to “Thnks fr th Mmrs” and sang it full out all the way through is ridiculous. It is in those moments that I feel invincible. I tell myself ‘there’s no WAY anyone else in the whole world is having as much fun as me right now.’ It is that powerful!!! So put on “Mr. Brightside” and sing your light heart out!! Good or bad it don’t matter. You do you.

3. If you’re running late, accept it!!! You’re already late man.

I’m 100% so guilty for doing this. When I’m running late to class, I want to drive really fast and crazy and I sit at the edge of my seat, anxious to no end. DONT DO THAT. You can no longer fight the fact that you are late, that is just the reality of the situation. But what a lot of people miss about that reality is that now you have some time to actually slow down and appreciate where you are. Have some “you” time!! Make an effort to stop being stressed out and have peace about the situation. You could probably even stop to get some chicken minis! You’re already late remember?

4. Get an inexpensive gift and give it to someone. Whether you know them or not.

A couple days ago I bought my friend some balloons because she wasn’t feeling good. Party City sells balloons for $1.29… that’s a $1.29 to change someone’s day!!!! Isn’t that nuts?! Whether you know the person or not, a small gesture like that can seriously change the way their day plays out. Not only does this impact them but it can impact you! Giving is as good, If not better, than receiving. Why would you not want to spread the extraordinary?

5. Tell someone y

Friend, family member, or significant other. Call them at some point in the day and tell them you love them!! Even if they don’t pick up its okay, you can just leave a voicemail. The ability to show love by verbal expression reinforces in your brain the actual feeling of being loved. Not only does the person you say this to know you love them, but now, your own self knows as well. This sounds like an obvious statement but it is more common then not to lose the appreciation of the feeling of love when you type it out through a text message. Verbal love is that reminder everyone needs to feel loved and love on others. It’s a mental reinforcement that ties to your emotions in the limbic system of the brain making you feel LOVE.

These may seem little and nonessential to your day but that is merely the point!! When you want to take your ordinary life into the extraordinary you have to chose to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. It is doing EXTRA in your life. That is living in the extraordinary. Take some time to focus on the little things. Appreciate what the world has to offer and take advantage of the endless opportunities ahead. Go live an extraordinary life!!