Yes, I’m a Twin.

Well Hello.

My name is Sophia. That’s me on the left….your left. And that other look-a-like person is my other half, my best friend, my one thing I could NOT live without…yes, you guessed it…my twinnie. And you know, I get asked quite a bit, “aaaaarree you two twins or something???” .____. Really? I’m to the point to where I just want to be like.. “uuhhh, no shit sherlock… → we’ve got a genius on our hands!!!” Buuuuut that would be rude and inconsiderate. And I’m not a rude or inconsiderate person. So we laugh and happily say “hahaha yep we sure are!”

I’m new to this whole blogging thing and have wanted to do this for a long time…I guess I just needed someone to get my butt into gear and say JUST FRIGGEN DO IT ALREADY! RIGHT NOW. LIKE ASAP. I am. I just did it. Props to that person and thank you. You know who you are.

Even though I have absolutely NO idea what I’m doing here or if anyone will even ever read these… my hopes (to name just a few — I don’t want to bore you) are to inspire, motivate, and challenge men and women from all over. Inspire, motivate, and challenge YOU.

Inspire you to become a healthier, happier you; inspire you to grow daily; inspire you to PUSH PLAY on your workout every day; inspire you to make healthier choices; to want to workout and become stronger… Motivate you to stay on track with your goals — whether it’s fitness, nutrition, financial, or life goals — find your WHY for wanting to make a positive change in your life; to motivate you and give you energy to get up off that couch; to make a decision to choose to live a HEALTHY, fulfilling life…make it a priority, because your survival in this World depends on it. Your body is counting on you to take care of it..don’t waste it or treat it with disrespect by feeding it junk all the damn time — don’t get me wrong I have my own weaknesses, but I believe in moderation is key. Nonetheless, love and take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live… Challenge you to challenge yourself; to start living with intentionality; to start believing in yourself before you start believing in others; to not quite or give up; to every day do a workout exercise that challenges your body and your mind; to get out of your comfort zone; to continually fail forward, to workout even when your “tired” or “don’t feel like it,” because trust me..afterwards you’ll be glad you did; to choose water over soda, fruit over sugar-filled goodies; to invest in your health. ***If you knew that something could and WOULD change your life, your health, or help you reach your goals, would you make money be an issue or a problem? Would you let that hold you back? Or would you do everything you could to save and have that something?

I’m here writing this and future blogs to add value to at least one person’s life. If I can accomplish that, I’ll be one happy lady.

Thanks for reading, and bye for now.