Dr. Thomas Ager: “In 2030, Prompt Engineering will be the most common profession.”


In 2022, I fine-tuned Chat GPT-3 to create a virtual Zen Master you could ask your spiritual questions to.

GPT-3 fine-tuning was usable, but ultimately not convincing or consistent enough

In 2023, I co-founded Sophia Intelligence, the first Spiritual AI assistant.

I am very proud of the consistency of the output we achieved using our prompt engineering.

To create this much superior AI, our team used only prompt engineering. Why? Because Chat GPT-4 is a superintelligence. As the SOTA (state-of-the-art) continues to advance, LLMs (Large Language Models) will only get smarter. They will replace most Machine Learning (ML) solutions, IMO.

As semantic prompting becomes the new #1 skill for talking to machine intelligence, the leaders in the field will be a force of interpretation between the growing AI intelligence and the rest of humanity.

Is it Prompt engineering?

Or learning how to talk to computers for the rest of all time in the future.

It’s both.

That is why I recognize the most valuable profession of the future is prompt engineering coaching. I help people talk to the future of superintelligence through training in the fundamentals.

This post is not about my new profession. It’s the future. In the future, you can ask a Large Language Model to create and host a website for you, with simple semantic input, and it just happens.

In our research, we have discovered

  • Ways to create web-apps with semantic input completely automated.
  • Deeper conversational partners than professors in the field.
  • Solved tasks that were previously unworkable.

And this is only getting faster.

If you’re interested in getting on board, learn prompt engineering. Quit your job. Email me if you want help.


Want to keep reading? Me and my wife wrote a free e-book. Chat GPT-4 is our co-writer.

I am going to continue freely giving through generosity the tools you need to talk to Artificial Intelligence and successfully prompt engineer the solution to any task in any domain.

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Dr. Thomas Ager | GPT-4 Prompt Engineering Coach

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