Forming Your Pest Prevention Checklist

When you have the possibility of seeing your property overrun with cockroaches, ants, spiders, scorpions and rodents, a planned pest prevention for your home or business is essential. Living in Arizona, these pests live naturally in the area, but that doesn’t mean you have to share your property with them. Pest control in Phoenix needs to be done professionally and pest management should be all year.

The health and wealth of your family or business can be severely affected, especially when a nuisance becomes an infestation. Here are some items that you can include within your own pest prevention checklist to help form a barrier against their infestation.

Begin with the barrier outside your yard

The mild climate in the state makes your yard an awesome home for a variety of unwelcome pests. As the weather heats up and the rain falls, the numbers of pests can multiply rapidly. Call in the best qualified professionals so that they can advise about barrier treatment around the outside of your yard space. By keeping the pests out of your yard, you will rapidly reduce the numbers of pests that may reach your property.

Work you can carry out yourself

While your pest exterminator can supply the chemicals and poisons to prevent infestation, there are many tasks you can complete around your home to keep the pests out.

Keep all of your shrubbery and tree branches trimmed back and well away from your property to prevent an easy route for pests to walk straight in.

Ensure that your attic, basement and any crawl spaces are dry and well ventilated as many pests enjoy a damp environment.

Scorpions, ants, roaches and rodents will enjoy living in a private, quiet area of your property. This is why it is better to store any firewood as far away from your home as you can and where possible, keep it off the ground to reduce access to bugs looking for a new home.

Bugs and pests will enter your home through any cracks or holes around your property. They will actively seek entry points around utility wiring and pipes. By making sure that all cracks and gaps are sealed, you will make their journey into your property very difficult.

Use sealed containers to store your garbage as far away from your property as possible and ensure that it is disposed of regularly to prevent bugs and pests making it their long-term home.

The purchase of weather-stripping is required so that you can repair loose mortar around windows and any basement foundations to make entry more cumbersome.

Any damp or deteriorating wood attached to your property becomes a great attraction to termites and many other pests. Inspect your property regularly and where you need to make repairs to the outside, including the roof, do not delay. Concrete foundations will include chemicals that deter termites. This may break down after five years and will need to be updated regularly.

By keeping your property regularly inspected you will help keep a large range of pests and bugs away from your home or business. In conjunction with pest control experts, you can form a systematic team to inspect areas and keep everywhere protected against potential infestation, which is always easier than dealing with a problem after it has occurred.