Breakdown in the hall

pc: KRC state university

I experienced a strong emotion right when you walk in through door 30. It is that hallway that is right by the vending machines and the bathrooms. I felt the emotion of sadness in this place. I feel like I have actually felt sadness throughout the whole school at one time or another but this was the place where I was the saddest. In my time of sorrow I remember hearing kids voices and the warning bells. I remember seeing all the kids walking in to get to class. It was in the morning before class started. I was crying in the hall where kids were walking by me. All I could remember was that no one came up to me but people were looking at me. I was alone and really felt like I needed someone to be there for me. I remember calling my mom who had just dropped me off. I was late for the bus and did not want to actually go to school. I was on the phone telling her that I wanted to go home, that I was not able to be here today. I felt that I would never stop crying, and that all my emotions inside of me were just wanting to come out. I had not had a lot of sleep the night before and just wanted to be home in my bed. I knew I was not ready to go back to school. I felt that the world would shatter around me if I did not just go home. There were so many people. The hustle and bustle of the morning all around me. When my mom finally did come to pick me up I was ready to be home. Now that I go back there and see the things I saw that day, I was right. There are a lot of kids running in as the 7:30 bell rings. The bathrooms are right there along with the vending machines and the music hallway. I walk through this hall everyday with the thought in the back of my mind about the day when I cried there. When that was the farthest I got into school that day. The amount of emotions coming from one place where the actual event didn’t even happen is amazing. This one place in school is there and will be there for a long time looking the same. There now is different flooring and that carpeted area that wasn’t there before, but that just means it’s changing like me. It’s becoming better for the students here just like I’m becoming a better wiser person for the people around me.