By: Sophia Towey

Today I interviewed Madden and I feel like I learned a lot about her. Even though we spoke for a short amount of time today, I have known her since we were little. Today in the interview the biggest thing that stood was how Madden does not feel very confident. Even though when you first talk to her and meet her she seems very outgoing and comfortable, she is not. When asked what she would want to wake up gaining a quality or ability she said “I guess I wouldn’t really want to care what others think of me as much as I do.” Later on in the interview I ask her what she would change in her life if she would die soon. She replied “I wouldn’t waste my time worrying about what people think of me cause I’m really paranoid about that.” She should have that ability now. To know she’s the person she is and that person is great. From just this short 20 minute conversation I had with her I saw this, and anyone else should be able to see that too. When asked about what roles love and affection play in her life she replied “Um I don’t know they play pretty big roles for me. Like I’m a very caring person and I have a lot of affection for my friends.” Her being a caring and affectionate person makes her someone that is worth getting to know. I think the bottom line is showing who you really are and not to care what others think!