The secret

The girl’s eyes widened. “I thought we got rid of it” jessie replies shacky. She stands there staring at lucy. Her body frozen with shock. “There is no way that its back we got rid of it and it was gone for all this time. Someone is now going to find it.

“I told you that we should put it somewhere else” Lucy says, on the verge of tears. “I knew that this would come back and haunt us but no, we had to do what you wanted to do.”

“Lucy I did not know that this was going to happen we would have put it somewhere else.” She stood there barely able to stand anymore. She knew that there would be consequences when someone found it. They were kids when the event happened but now they are adults. The two girls had grown up keeping this secret, without ever telling a soul. Now is the time when the secret come out.

“Jessie you made me come with you. You told me nothing bad would happen in the long run. That there will be a time when it’s hard but then it is supposed to be easy. I never really wanted to hurt her, and you made me.” she says starting to get louder and having more sorrow in her voice. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. The girls jumped and just looked at each other. “Should we answer it?” Lucy whispers.

“No, don’t worry. They will leave.” The girls just stood still not moving a muscle. Their body’s frozen.

After standing like this for what seemed like forever the girls walked to the front door opened it to find a note that said “We know what you did and we are going to tell.”

Two weeks after that night was the day the police found the body of Lucy’s and Jessie’s best friend from when they were twelve. It was also the day Lucy hung herself in her closet.

Jessie’s and Lucy’s fingerprints were on the body so Jessie was held responsible and arrested for the crime she committed so long ago.

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