How Many Colleges Can You Apply to with an Application Fee Waiver

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How Important Is an Application Fee Waiver?

On average, college applications can cost around $40 while the upper selective schools can be up to $70 or more. If you apply to just five of these pricey private schools, then you’re already looking at application fees of well over $350. Unless you’re applying to feefree schools, the costs of applying alone can seriously add up, especially if you’re applying to many colleges.

Fee waivers can be a huge help to alleviate the costs incurred in the application process, you can get 4 free fee waivers (more under special circumstances) but they aren’t available to everyone. Fee waivers are given only to students and families who qualify for them and it is not guaranteed that the college will automatically grant a waiver fee, they may require follow up evidence to your request before waiving the fee.

Who Is Eligible for Their Application Fees to Be Waivered?

If your household has a combined income of less than $40,000 a year or you already receive some kind of aid like lunch tickets, these fees will most likely be waived. Most colleges are part of the College Entrance Examination Board Fee Waiver Program and if you are approved for an SAT fee waiver, you can also use the same waiver when applying for your college. This does not happen automatically, your counselor needs to approve your request and issue a signed statement of need for college applications and a special waiver code when you register for the SAT online. To be eligible, you should fall in to the following categories:

You’re enrolled in or are eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program

Your annual family income falls within the guidelines set by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service

You’re enrolled in a federal, state, or local program that aids students from low-income families

Your family receives public assistance

You live in federally subsidized public housing or a foster home, or are homeless

You are a ward of the state or an orphan

How Do I Write My Application Waiver Fee Letter?

The letter you write to accompany your application waiver fee does not need to be long winded, but it does need to be meaningful and clear. It should follow a formal format so the writing will need to be concise, to the point and not waffle on. As a formal letter you should show the appropriate respect in your writing. Don’t use humor and always be honest. The waiver letter sample should be:

Name, address and current date

Subject Line. Waiver Request

Reference line. Application for joining specified program

Salutation or greeting. Dear Sir/Madame, Dear Admissions Committee

State the purpose of why you are writing

State your reasons of applying for a waiver. Include your eligibility and attach proof with a form completed by your school counselor

Summarize your points. Give a final appeal to have your request approved. In the closing sentences, tell them you would like to receive an update on whether your request is granted or not

Sign off the letter with yours sincerely

Signature above your printed full name

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