What Is a College Tuition Waiver

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What Is a College Tuition Waiver?

College tuition waivers are when a college waives tuition fees for certain class of students. This could be anything from someone who has won a national merit scholarship, students whose family income is low or students with exceptional academic ability. However, this does not mean automatic acceptance into a college because you meet their criteria, they only help you pay the tuition fees if you have been accepted into their program and know how to write a waiver letter.

You will still need to apply to the college the same as everyone else and ensure that you have won the placement before you write to them about their college tuition waivers. Keep in mind that almost every college has the right to retract its waiver program for the year if they get overwhelmed by too many applicants.

What Is Included in a Tuition Waiver?

In general, a student wanting a tuition waiver must be registered full time (exceptions are made for students with disabilities), be in good standing and not be participating in any other form of waiver. Tuition waivers generally cover the following charges but check each individual college:

Full tuition, including differential (if applicable)

Service fee

Health service fee

Academic facilities maintenance fund assessment (AFMFA)

Library and Information Technology Assessment (LITA)

Health Insurance if the student chooses to be covered by the plan

Waivers do not cover the following charges:

General fee

CTA transportation fee

Student-to-student fee

Sustainability fee

The remainder of the cost of health insurance over $199.50

International Student fee

How to Request a Tuition Waiver

In most cases, this will be required through writing an essay of xxx words explaining why you’re interested in attending that particular college, your goals in taking the desired program and how this tuition waiver will help you meet those goals.So you will need to think long and hard about what you are going to write. We have included some helpful tips for you to consider before writing:

Always write within the required word count for the application that you are making. Check the specific expectations of the program that you are applying to.

Always write in a very concise manner: you should never use any form of filler within your writing.

Be relevant; if it does not directly benefit your application then you should not be including it.

Never exaggerate your abilities or lie about yourself in any way.

Always avoid the use of clichés within your own writing.

Why are you applying for their particular college? What makes the course appealing to you?

Where do you see your career taking you and why it’s important to you?

What inspired you to choose this particular career path?

Carefully proofread: even a single spelling mistake will project the impression that you do not care enough about your application.

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