What Is Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme

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What Is the Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme?

It’s essentially a scholarship that waives your tuition fee. If you are awarded one you won’t have to worry about paying for the tuition because the costs involved will be covered by either a sponsor or the government. Under the tuition fee waiver scheme for colleges, 5 percent of the sanctioned intake per course shall be available for these admissions. Theseats will be supernumerary in nature and be filled through a centralized admission process carried out by a competent authority.

What Are the Rules for a Place on This Waiver Scheme?

To get the benefit of the TFW scheme, the candidate must adhere to the rules of requirement and will also have to submit the income certificate issued in the name of their father or mother at the time of registration. No other certificate or document will be considered valid. In order for a candidate to be selected for the TFW scheme. The following is a guide for what you need to know about GRE waiver request letter sample:

Only 5% of whole intake seats are available for the TFW scheme

Students will be accepted from low income families only if they can prove their parents have a low income

Students with extremely high academic results will be accepted

Candidates willing to opt for TFWS seats will have to specify their willingness in the option form as a separate choice code

The waiver is limited to the tuition fee only. All other fees will have to be paid by the beneficiary

Students admitted under this scheme will not be allowed to change their college or course under any circumstances

The Competent Authority will prepare a merit list of applicants from among the eligible students and will effect admissions strictly on a merit basis

How Should I Apply for the Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme for Colleges?

While the application process itself is quite straight forward. There are documents that you will need to have completed before you apply to the college of your choice that is offering the scheme. If you have earned your place on the scheme by having high academic results then you only need to include your results with the application form. If, however you are from a low income family, you will need to get proof of this signed by the local tax inspector or your region. Once this has been completed, then you may apply for your place. When completing these forms, always remember to:

Write legibly and clearly so your writing can be read and understood

Only use blue or black ink. Using ‘Rainbow’ colors is unprofessional and tacky

Specify the college or university that you are applying to

Always be honest and tell the truth. Being dis-honest or blatantly lying will only lead to you being found out which may result in you not getting a placement

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