Fair enough points, but in the USA, tribalism, lobbyist lock and electoral malaise are preventing…
Michael Barnard

If it were true, as some are saying, that Republicans must defect to the Dems before any advances can be made on climate change, then there’s no hope. By what mechanism are they supposed to suddenly decide to defect, if they haven’t already done so today?

The whole of Michael Barnard’s article is aimed at pointing out that progress can be made without requiring anyone to abandon their entire creed in one go. (Would you?) Much of the battle lies in framing the issue in a narrative that will appeal to Christian Conservatives, who are as at risk from climate change as anyone else, — possibly more, if they are farmers or hate immigration, or don’t want their insurance costs to rise.

One characteristic of conservatives is often a dislike of disorder. The first step we could take is simply to rename the problem: instead of “Climate Change” or “Global Warming” the looming disaster we are already facing (without even mentioning 2040 which sounds a long way off) is the issue of Climate Chaos.