Why then do we not seem to help anyone who needs it in real life?
Moon Beam

People who have a tough life are more likely to help others, because they have empathy. If the people who have far more than they need found it easy to help others, virtually none of our problems would exist. But instead they build mental and physical barriers to keep the poor, the refugees and the effects of climate change, away from their own (numerous) front doors. Most of all, they harden their hearts, and make sure to blame the poor, oppressed and terrorized for their own poverty, fear and oppression.

Unfortunately, the wealthiest have the means to broadcast their own version of the world to those who would be best off acting in solidarity with one another. To preserve their own vast advantages, they have to ensure the have-nots fight each other for the crumbs.

A single warhead could pay for free healthcare for all who are chronically ill or disabled. A “corrections” (prison) system designed to help the situation rather than to punish individuals would allow enough in the budget for top quality education for all.

There is plenty. But it isn’t shared. We have the means to move swiftly to at least 99% renewable energy, but politicians are in the pockets of fossil fuel companies. War achieves nothing good, but politicians prefer the armaments industry over equitable solutions. All these political strangleholds represent a triumph of hate over love and kindness, and could eventually kill us all.