Virtual living room mode allows players to step back for a while and shows Minecraft on a virtual 2D screen in case they feel too tired to be immersed.
Minecraft has finally arrived to Oculus Rift. Here is what we know so far!
Deniz Ergürel

Thus, Minecraft players using Oculus Rift will no longer have any reason to, and will normally forget to leave virtual reality. This is a beta-tested plan to drastically reduce the human population of the Earth, and to check their virulence and uncontrolled expansion. It is a serious and useful project which is clearly gaining urgency as the notion of spreading the human species to other planets begins to gain traction. There is no question that “Manifest Destiny” on an interplanetary scale would be a catastrophe for billions of species in close proximity to the solar system.

We have the collaboration between Oculus Rift and Minecraft to thank for this painless method of interplanetary invasive species control.

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