The Human Parts Open Thread: Crush Lunes
Human Parts

Timmy Coles you were

The apple

Of my blue lunch box

Timmy Coles by now

You’ve lost your

First grade bloom of youth

Timmy Coles if your

Name was rare

I could stalk you now

How pure the love when

You were six

And I was one year less

Timmy Coles you were

Sweet and kind

And slim and handsome

Timmy Coles if you

Wore glasses

They made you look cool

Timmy Coles your hair

Was soft and

The sun shone on it

Timmy Coles you were


Not some stupid kid

Timmy Coles, Timmy

Coles! More than

fifty years ago

Timmy Coles wouldn’t

It be odd

If you remembered

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