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Launching only in the last quarter of last year, Zeux has already made quick progress toward providing UK consumers a financial offering fit for the modern world. Staying on the cutting edge of technology, Zeux was one of the first to offer the ability to spend anywhere with a range of cryptocurrencies, bridging the gap between the crypto and fiat worlds. Shortly after, the startup announced several industry-leading investment products, in Bitcoin, Tether and Ethereum. The Bitcoin investment product’s 6% fixed interest rate remains among the best in the crypto world.

More recently, Zeux’s physical Visa card was launched, with a huge response from customers. The card comes with a major benefit for travellers, with no additional fees added when used abroad. When the coronavirus hit, Zeux saw a major rise in online shopping, especially at Amazon. As customers adapted, Zeux adapted its services for them, offering a market-beating 2% cashback on all Amazon purchases made via the Zeux app. …

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Over the coming year, it’s our mission to make your Zeux card more powerful. That means more discounts, more cash-back and more opportunities. (We hope you’ve enjoyed the 2% cash-back on every one of your Amazon orders since lockdown).

Now, it’s our pleasure to announce the partnership with Bidroom, the online travel community, who have generously offered Zeux customers a UK-exclusive 6-month free trial to their Smart plan which gives you:

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About Zeux

We’re a London based blockchain fintech start-up, backed by Chinese institutional funds, and founded by an Oxford-educated ex-banker-trader, along with a group of passionate individuals, each with more than 10 years of experience in technology integration, marketing/user acquisition, and payment specialist consultancy.

At Zeux, we are building the next generation digital banking services using blockchain technology. We are looking for an analyst who is a self-starter, driven and responsible individual to join our team to help our accelerated growth and build our business together further.

What you should expect in this Internship/Training:


Sophie C.

A enthusiastic 23-year-old with strong interests in personal finance, business, fintech, and plans to travel the world.

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