Why I needed to be great — and not just good — at remote presentations

  1. I didn’t want to travel all the time. I don’t sleep well in hotels, I miss my family, I get bad jetlag and let’s be honest, time on airplanes and time at airports isn’t as much fun as people think it is when you are traveling alone and for work.
  2. I worked for a vendor that made collaboration technology. Knowing which features to use is key and can make or break a presentation by keeping your audience engaged.
  3. I managed a remote team. Making my team feel connected was key. I have even had a babyshower via Telepresence.
  4. I have had stakeholders in other parts of the world. Business reviews and other conversations involving securing additional investment and budget happened remotely.
  5. My role was to deliver training and my audience was all over Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. When you are dealing with language challenges, internet speeds and people new to a technology platform, my presentation had to be great.
  6. Job interviews. In the last ten years, all of the jobs I have interviewed for have involved having a remote job interview conversation.
  7. Clients in different countries. My work has always been bigger than Denmark and I have worked with clients all over the world. Budgets don’t always allow you to visit someone in person and sometimes, it doesn’t make sense for a short meeting to travel half way across the world. But the meeting shouldn’t be a waste of time either.

What is your reason why you need to be great at delivering a remote presentation?

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