Snow White or Evil Queen?

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When you were young, you believed in the story of a beautiful Snow White, who has a gorgeous appearance and a pure heart, finally can overcome all the challenges in life and have happy ending forever with her prince. On the contrary, the Evil Queen, who is always cruel and gets millions of an-ti fans, will end up with a miserable life of a loser. The story of Snow White and Evil Queen lasted from decades to decades. Snow White who represents the pure beauty of kindness and love is always the eternal inspiration for all the girl generations. All the little girls once used to dream of becoming Snow White in their own stories.

However, when you grow up, you are older and experience more and more. Suddenly you realized that Snow White seems not to be the great model to follow. In modern times, you face up with millions of Evil Queens who own successful careers and happy life. They are bosses, governors and so much more. They sometimes have the right to control or change some values in your life. Why? Because they are talented, determined and ambitious. They set the goal, make the plan and put effort into it until they can get what they want and dream about no matter what kind of methods they use. You may call them “Evil Queen” but trust me, deep in side, you yourself may be a big fan of those evil queens instead of a kindhearted Snow White who always waits for luck or relies on others to decide their happiness.

So now the question is: Snow White or Evil Queen?

To my mind, that’s not really the matter of choice because both of their personalities have strength and weaknesses. They are also human like anyone of us. I love the idea that there are always two sides of the story. No one is always a bad or good character in their own life movies forever, not to mention that it also depends on how you feel and interact with them in real life. For instance, a woman may be the “Evil Queen” boss who always scold colleagues and staffs in the office but at the same time be “Snow White” mom in her own family. Moreover, life is really complex. It is not all about “black” or “white” but “grey”, not “Yes” or “No” but “It depends”. You can still be successful in both careers and life with a strong and pure heart. The most important thing is to be yourself and enjoy life the way you want it to be.

Each of us is undeniably unique masterpiece of nature. We are never 100% copies of others. Therefore, there is no fixed model for everyone. The key of happiness is BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE AND LIVE AN UNIQUE LIFE because you only live once!

_ January 31, 2016_