113: How startup founders are moving to the US

In this week’s Immigration Law for Tech Startups podcast, we focus on options for startup founders who are thinking about moving to the United States to grow their companies and some of the latest updates. I’m also discussing the latest updates with the Biden administration welcoming immigrant entrepreneurs, and immigrants with expertise in STEM fields relating to innovation as well as national security.

The U.S. is becoming a more welcoming and hospitable environment to non-immigrants, startup founders, and people in the sciences and innovations. And so, if you’ve been thinking about coming to the United States, and you’ve had to put it off due to the pandemic, now is a good time. A lot of people are ready to move on from COVID and get their life and business into gear. And for them, that plan involves some sort of expansion in the U.S. So if you have been working on developing a company in another country, besides the United States over the last couple of years, you might be interested in moving to the United States now.

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In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Common motivations startup founders want to move to the United States
  • Why now is the time to take action
  • Two main options to visit the United States temporarily
  • The dos and don’ts while in the U.S. on an ESTA visa waiver program
  • The most common non-immigrant work visas and recent updates
  • Considerations for an E-2 Visa
  • Implications for those with a V1 visa for spouses
  • Visa options for existing startup founders in other countries
  • Qualifications and requirements
  • The green card process for EB-1 and EB-2 National Interest Waiver Green Card

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Sophie Alcorn

Sophie Alcorn

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