Mendoza: Liquid Dreams

The idea of a trip away to Mendoza, sunning yourself in faraway Argentina, whilst being surrounded with a multiplicity of vineyards, rolling hills and a glass or two of local Malbec has been toying with me for some time now. Unsure whether it’s the lure of the beautiful climate, the adventure of travelling to new continents or the ability to immerse yourself in a completely foreign land, Mendoza holds a strong appeal.

There has been a recent rise in likeminded tourists visiting this region, making it more accessible for those not as confident travelling off the beaten path. However, an important point to note is that this trend has not resulted in heaving busloads of tourists being shipped back and forth, ruining the tranquillity they have come to admire. Instead, the tourists are welcomed and those wanting to explore these new lands are greeted warmly by the local wine producers and hoteliers. The range of accommodation has blossomed this decade, with luxury hotels, eco-resorts, rustic lodges and traditional Argentinian farmhouses now being aplenty in the Mendoza region.

Prices do vary, and there is truly something for everyone’s budget: from the extravagant 5* resorts boasting all imaginable amenities; to the more low key, intimate options for those not willing to break the bank. This range of accommodation options results in a melting pot of travellers, from all over the world, and even Argentinians interested in a ‘staycation’ in their own country — a wonderfully diverse population all with a communal interest in the world of wine. With all this awaiting you, it’s a sure fire hit on the bucket list.

Vineyards, vacations, vamos!