Elle is a Very Bad Movie

source: imdb

Helena Bala understands me.

TW: sexual assault

This film does not deserve to be talked about. It should be ignored, burned, flushed down the toilet, buried in the trash, and forgotten forever. And to make sure it’s ignored forever I have to speak out. I’ll make this quick. Elle is a Very Bad Movie. I will tell you why.

Elle glorifies violence against women. I refuse to acknowledge anyone who put this film into motion. They do not deserve to be spoken about. So instead I’ll just say this: the director helps craft a backstory for the main character to “understand” her actions or to “justify” her reasons for doing what she does. Elle is given no character development, no emotions, no complexity, or sincerity. And all of this is because of this backstory — her father killed 27 people more than 40 years ago. The film is so misogynistic that her past cannot even center around her. Aside from the disgusting portrayal that a rapist will get lucky and rape someone that actually enjoys it, that rape is sex, or that it’s okay to do this to anyone, the film is a mess. It sends a terrible message of pro violence and pro assault. Based on storyline alone, the characters are underwritten, neglected, and ambiguous. It’s a cop out to pass as “an art house film” because it’s French and about a tough subject matter. This is why we should be more critical of media. This is why we need to fight back — so films like this aren’t seen or even have a chance to be made. People will trick you into thinking this is a new, thrilling take on a traumatizing event. They’ll say she doesn’t want to be the victim. She can finally fight back. Don’t believe them. This film is not provocative. This film is not erotic. This film has no redeemable factors. It is utter garbage.

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