The weather changed today. It is summer now, and even yesterday I had worn my woolen socks. The day was hot and the sky a bright white clear blue. I peeped into a stagnant stream. There was a culture of some aquatic plant form in it. The water was a very deep, dark foreboding green. And upon it was reflected, the silhouette of my face against that sky.

I walked. The trees cast shadows. each dark shadow stared into my eyes, each dark shadow was a soothing void a happy abyss. And each spec of light that fell upon that tarred road was a cut upon my flesh.

I was eating lunch with friends. I was supposed to. But I did not want to now. I wanted to be alone, in darkness. The light was too bright. it scared me. I shriveled up and dried. My tongue parched and white it stuck out and licked the air and flicked over my lips. There was no moisture. I was dry.

I hated summers.

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