Talking about narcissism is often a balancing act for me because on one hand, I am talking about wounded people who are suffering from symptoms of childhood trauma, for which I feel much compassion. On the other hand, I am talking about people who are often not just victims, but who are victimizers and who’s behavior end up hurting not just themselves, but those around them, which I feel much anger towards. Thus, I try not to focus on symptoms so much that I ignore the root cause(child abuse), yet I don’t want to focus of the root cause so much that I neglect talking about behaviors which do indeed hurt others, regardless of the root source.
Narcissistic Supply: Emotional Vampirism as a Symptom of Unmet Childhood Needs

So true!! You definitely know what you are talking about because this tells me how understanding you are of the matter and can see both sides to it.

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