Why do i cry so much?

This is a question i ask myself often, when i was younger i used to feel so miserable when people hurt me and i couldn’t express myself without crying, i would try to express myself but all that anger/frustration turned into tears. I always felt like a weakling it made me feel so vulnerable.

My parents would always say i was crying “crocodile tears” when i apologized for doing something wrong, my tears suddenly started losing value or meaning even when i was deeply sorry.

I couldn’t understand why the only way to express my frustration, anger, bitterness, fear, happiness was crying. Growing older i realized that it was ok to express yourself in your own way as long as you feel better and it isn’t toxic to you, bottling your emotions isn’t healthy, it is actually toxic.

“you are weak or men don’t cry” this isn’t true, expressing your emotions/pain doesn’t make you weak or less of a man. Expressing your emotions isn’t limited to any gender or age group

What is the best way you express yourself?

Is it toxic?

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