Three Things America Lost Today
umair haque

Hi Umair,

Left Libertarian-leaner here. So I don’t agree with Trump, nor did I vote for him, but your writing has a lot of false assumptions.

1: A free market, deregulated completely, makes it impossible for a monopoly to exist. Monopolies exist only with the help of government regulation forcing competition out of the marketplace. Think of any necessary product (energy, food, water) and you will realize that in a truly free-market economy (not our current collectivist/crony one) it would be radically expensive to gain a monopoly in it.

2: If we truly had free market capitalism with respect to healthcare, prices would lower tremendously. There are too many barriers to entry for doctors and hospitals to take care of people and education costs are too high due to federally subsidized student loans.

The main problem I personally had with Obamacare is that it didn’t address the issue of why healthcare was so expensive. Obama’s plan simply required more consumers to help pay for the already high costs via entering the insurance market.

The future isn’t going to be bad. Give our president a chance. If you don’t like his actions to save our country money, then set up a gofundme account. There are plenty of people that feel strongly as you do. You could change the world without Washington D.C.!

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