The Mainstream Left is Totalitarian

Hear me out. I will correct my ways if persuaded well!

The Left is scaring me. Those on the mainstream Left I come across, friends, politicians and randoms on the internet, seem to think that the Right is completely evil, misinformed and misguided. They seem to think there is no merit to conservatism.

They also seem to only want to follow the constitution when it slows conservatives down, and would dismantle the constitution and our limitations on democracy if it ever put up any hurdles to their political agenda.

Those on the mainstream Left are Totalitarian. They seem to believe government should have total authority, without limitation, to put the will of the majority into place without constitutional restraint…until they disagree with the president in charge of course…They might now, after 8 years, be avid constitution followers!

They suddenly want to dismantle the electoral college because their candidate didn’t win.

The 1st amendment is only acceptable to them as long as offensive language is banned (including truthful descriptions of reality!).

The 5th amendment: ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ is scrapped whenever there seems to be race involved. Before there is even a trial, it is assumed that the person involved in a crime is guilty! The mainstream left seems to want punishment before a trial simply because of group-identity, and not the individual case at hand (just for writing those simple few sentences I will be scorned by the left).

It’s annoying to me as an objective in-the-middle thinker to see such a hysterical reaction on social media to anything Donald Trump does! It points out the people on the Left’s lack of understanding of the philosophical groundings of the other side and the fact that trade offs exist for both conservative and liberal economic actions.

Example: Donald Trump signing the Huffpost-named ‘Anti-abortion bill’ to give tax dollars to fund contraceptives and sex ed in foreign countries? Really? That’s anti-abortion? I am pretty sure foreign country’s laws were not changed by Trump while signing this in the Oval Office. Immediately social media blew up with people saying that it’s a women’s right to choose! Lol, we are talking about tax dollars here…taken by force! We are not talking about political Rights to an abortion. These funds were not donated, they were taken by force from tax payers. Meanwhile it just goes to show how self-righteous the left can be. They make no financial sacrifice themselves to international sex ed, and until 2 days ago didn’t even know about our funding these foreign programs.

Stop with this group-identity/Group Justice politics (all white men are oppressors!). Worry about individual justice again! Judge people by their character and not the color of their skin! Talk to people on the Right with a genuine desire to learn their side. Stop with ad hominem attacks and straw man arguments. Those on the mainstream Right care about all Americans too!

Lastly, learn what the term ‘Right’ means. (not the Right of the political spectrum). You’re using it wrong. A Right implies that it doesn’t conflict with any other Rights. If you were one of the marchers over the weekend…were you marching for your ‘Right’ to ‘Free’ abortions/contraceptives? That’s not a Right, because you’re using force against others to pay for your abortions/sex medicine…and you are thus taking away another’s person’s Right to liberty and freedom of expression…freedom to disagree with the Left’s totalitarianism.