Find the Path to Your Audience

Michael Sorg
Jul 7, 2016 · 2 min read

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Clear goals.

Clear path to your goal.

This is what I’ve been thinking about this week. I had a great talk with a colleague about working with ad platforms on Facebook, Instagram, and the like, and realized while some campaigns got the eyeballs, we need to make sure the rest of the path is clear. If your ad aim to perform a function, sign up, or buy something, what happens when they’re on mobile? Is your system setup for that? Did you target mobile?

Also, are you asking too much of the user? How many times you’ve been baited by the carrot presented in an ad, only to find you had to fill out screens of information for a chance to win something? How much effort are you asking?

No matter how much money you throw at a campaign, just like content on social media, if it doesn’t activate your audience, it’s wasted.

Ads are something I’m rather new to in my day to day. My work has been mostly content and share driven. But a lot of that goal setting seems to transfer. It’s as simple as sitting back, look at your campaign, project, social media, or video, and simply asking “Why are we doing this?”

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