“Thank you Jim for this lovely story. I love how Annabel looks so cute in her dress.” The anchorwoman makes a short pause, in which she gets rid of her smile and puts on a serious face. “In the case of Fred Vage, many experts were expecting he would plead guilty today. They were all shocked when he plead not guilty instead and accused — ”
A man in a eighties outfit is standing behind a pillar and starts to shoot with a machine gun at least a dozen time at the back of a man with a bushy…

A fly bumps into the window. It can’t find a way out of the stuffy and hot classroom. Its next try ends with a loud bump that catches Lauren’s attention. She was the last student paying attention to Fred Vage’s history lesson. Fred is disappointed once again — no one is listening. He can’t find a reason not to pay attention to him. None.

Fred stops talking in the middle of his sentence. He looks around. Nobody cares. The students are all preoccupied — either listening to music on earbuds or chatting with other students. Four girls on the left…

Soroosh Pezeshki

Mad scientist, world citizen, and lots of o's

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