Photo: Panayiotis Tzamaros / Fos Photos

With a new recession looming, and an already massive housing crisis, tenants are building towards new models of social solidarity.

Illustration & Data Visualization by Olga Souri / Noucmas

A market that is controlled but not regulated will not serve those who are unable to pay.

Illustration & Data Visualization by Olga Souri / Noucmas

Elias standing on the balcony of his apartment in Exarchia. Photo: Gerasimos Domenikos / FOS Photos

He fled Afghanistan in 2016. Now he is rebuilding his life in Athens.

This is the second story from our profile video project following young refugees who fled war in the Middle East and are now trying to move on with their lives in Greece.

FRAGILE! Photo: Gerasimos Domenikos / FOS PHOTOS

A data-driven research into housing financialization in Greece and the restructuring of the country by the markets, accompanied by an open dataset.

Illustration & Data Visualization by Olga Souri

View of Athens from the hill of Pnyx, Greece, 2016. Photo: Gerasimos Domenikos / FOS PHOTOS

The world’s most popular short-term rental platform and how it is affecting our neighborhoods explained visually.

Airbnb has effectively created a new category of rental housing. This new category — called ‘short-term rentals’ — exemplifies a software-driven, platform-mediated market that occupies the gap between traditional residential rental housing and hotel accommodation.

Photo: Gerasimos Domenikos / FOS PHOTOS

An interview with British artist Michael Landy on his first exhibition in Greece entitled “BREAKING NEWS — ATHENS.”

Michael Landy is one of the Young British Artists. He is best known for the performance piece installation Break Down (2001), in which he destroyed all his possessions, and for the Art Bin project at the South London Gallery. For “BREAKING NEWS — ATHENS,” he invites the Greek public to express what Athens means to them, by portraying the life of the city as seen by its inhabitants and visitors. The exhibition opens on Thursday 30 March, at the Diplarios School in Athens.

Full interview transcript:

The idea behind the exhibition

The exhibition is called “BREAKING NEWS — ATHENS” and it’s commissioned by NEON. I am asking…

Sotiris Sideris

Data journalist & co-founder @AthensLiveGr . Fellow @BerthaFN & @SNForg . Producer of @TheUndocumente3 . TA @media_uoa

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