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“ As a guy, I have stared at myself naked in the mirror and can’t spot this patriarchy appendage I apparently have. Therefore, it is either in my mind, your mind, or nowhere.”

Here’s the thing about being a guy — we don’t see that patriarchal appendage because for the most part we’ve never been shown how to look for it. Or listened when we were. We don’t ‘see’ it because it’s always been there every time we ever looked at ourselves. Like gravity — it’s just always been part of our world, working for us. You don’t have to think about gravity when you walk because — because that’s just silly. You just walk. Same thing with being a guy. Especially being a white guy. Even more when you’re a white guy with some education and double that if you’re a white guy who’s good looking. We have enjoyed so many small, and subtle benefits of the luck of our birth that it truly sounds crazy when someone calls out that we didn’t do a single affirmative thing to earn them. Since we were babies it’s just been there in the faces of the people around us, in the way we are treated, in the nearly indistinguishable defrances that make up the ‘real’ world we inhabit and walk around in.

So you’re right — looking in the mirror there is nothing to see. It’s just you, the same “you” that’s always been there. “You” didn’t do anything all these women are angry about. “You” didn’t ask for any special treatment so why should anyone else? And frankly John there’s not a person on the earth who could argue you out of that perspective or a single reason you need to change. It’s not your fault. You didn’t create the system you’re just living in it. No one expects you to be any different than you are and you’re just fine the way you are.

I guess the only real question is why a guy so right with the world would even bother to post a banal little piece of troll bait like that here?

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