Small Business Resolutions [5 To-do’s]

Ah, we’ve all made it to 2018. Many argue 2017 was, erm, not the best year. We’re lucky to look back and see a lot of personal and professional growth at Soul Graphics, however; between politics, natural disasters and seemingly endless tragedies, I think we can all agree we’re looking forward to a new year.

And with a new year comes a fresh opportunity to set new goals. We’ll admit it: we kind of geek out on resolutions over here. I’m known for constantly writing to-do lists. Need to plan a website? Going to the grocery store? Comparing prices? Starting a marketing plan? I grab the legal pad and get writing — I must have inherited this trait from my father; he started every day with a pad and a list. So, here we go.

If you’re feeling a little behind on your resolutions, we are here to help. We’ve started five go-to resolutions for 2018. Review them, find what works for your business, and get that pad out.

Financial Goal: This is the typical place to start — How much money do you want to make this coming year? But it doesn’t have to be that straightforward. You can work on deals closed. Or heck, whittle down your expenses and work on how profitable you are this coming year. Perhaps now is the time to evaluate your contracts and subscriptions and see what you really need to invest in.

For 2018, Soul Graphics is working on combining bigger, project-based work with consistent, subscription revenue streams.

Operational Goal: Do you find yourself wasting time each day in the business opposed to working on the business? 2018 may be the year you need to focus on cleaning up your systems. Review your internal processes. Take the month of January to rework your operational structure and the rest of the year will flow much easier.

We recently did an internal overhaul at Soul Graphics. This has made us much more efficient and effective. For 2018, we are committed to sticking to our processes and keeping things organized. Makes a huge difference!

Marketing Goal: What message do you want to put out there to your community? How many fans do you have? Are you hoping to make something go viral or increase a certain kind of reach? Whatever your 2018 marketing goals are, write them down and evaluate your progress on a monthly basis.

2018 is the year of video for Soul Graphics. We have recently launched a YouTube channel and are excited to build our platform over the next twelve months.

Creative Goal: This is a fun one. You can improve company culture, take a strategic risk, or begin incorporating community service into your business efforts. Whatever speaks to your soul, listen and follow. This is your space to do something different that speaks to you.

Our headquarters are based in Crestone, Colorado. And the charter school here happens to have an excellent mentorship program. We’re considering partnering with the school to teach design trade skills and infuse some youth into our thinking.

Growth Goal: Now, all of these checklist items will inevitably lead to growth, but what is that benchmark you’re striving toward by year end? Want a new office? Looking to hire or contract out an expert in your field? This is the area where you can shoot for the stars. What is it that they say — shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’ll end up among the stars? This is where you can really go for it.

Our main goal is sustainable growth where we are able to help our clients achieve their dreams and business goals. We continue to add to our growth goals and encourage all other business owners to do the same.

We are wishing you a happy, healthy and vibrant 2018. Cheers to all!

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