17 Self-Awareness Questions You Need To Ask Yourself in 2017

Questions lead to Self-Awareness. Self-Awareness leads to Self-Mastery.

Here are some self-improvement questions that will help you grow…

1. Am I stuck at all? If so, how can I help myself get unstuck?

2. What are my top five priorities/goals?

3. How will I apply the knowledge I’ve learned?

4. How do I want to improve?

5. What can I do day to day to help myself improve?

6. What are my biggest time wasters? How can I get rid of them?

7. What does my heart want?

8. What does my mind want?

9. How can I deepen my relationship with myself?

10. How can I care for myself better?

11. What qualities do I want to strengthen, which weaknesses do I want to eliminate?

12. What do I want to experience this year?

13. What are my top ten values?

14. How can I be healthier, what activities can I do?

15. How can I build wealth & increase my earnings? What am I going to provide to others to achieve this wealth?

16. How will I add value to other people’s lives?

17. What do I need to do that I’m not doing?

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