Take me away

I dream of Venice

and its countless streets.

Of Rome and its grace,

the Colosseum — its crown.

Of the love and light

lined in every street of Paris,

flowing through the veins of Paris.

I see a grandeur,

and a welcoming chill

in the touch of London.

I see warmth

radiating through every crack in the earth

and every smile despite all the hurt

in the heart of Africa.

I see it all,

I feel it all.

The chants reverberating

through my bones..

The green mountains calling my name..

The icy winds..

The golden sand..

The countless journeys and feelings and experiences.

Where to begin, where to end?

I see so much with eyes closed

and my heart open.

I feel the wings stretching open on my back.

I circle the globe,

I find my way home

in a romance of falling in love

with new cities.

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