The 5 Emotional Pillars

Our Emotional Pillars

Just imagine what life could be…

Here are my 5 pillars for how I think about life:

  • Fear
  • Attachments
  • Connections
  • Perspective
  • Time

Time is the constant throughout them all. However we choose to use this time determines the rest.

For example, we can become very good at getting stuck in one mindset. This could be the result of a long standing routine or not wanting to leave our comfort zone. We become attached to the same thing and resent it at the same time.

This causes a fear to develop within us and control how we behave. Fear is limiting and can impact our time by filling it up with worry and anxiety or any other draining emotions.

We end up being stuck in this fear and believing we need to hold onto attachments (things, schedules, people, etc.)that are not actually helpful.

Feeling drained?

On the other hand…

When we become more aware of our time and deliberate in how we spend it…

Letting go can allow…

Life to open up.

We see things with a new lens…a new perspective.

It is through this lens that we open ourselves to more connections.

When we are connecting, we are truly living. This requires looking inward and connecting with what is inside of us first.

Yes, we become more vulnerable during these times. And, typically, we have associated this feeling with weakness…but in reality, this is where we gain our greatest strength.

Resisting our feelings leads to drain.

Feeling our true emotions is when the magic begins…freedom.

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