Is Mars Making You Fight?

Have you ever felt that no matter what you do or where you go, it seems like a fight is just right around the corner? You’re not alone. It’s probably because the planet Mars is influencing you.

At this very moment, I’m sure you’re wondering if this is true. Well, it all depends where Mars was positioned in your natal chart at your time of birth.

If Mars is in the 1st house, then you have a deep desire to fight a cause. When I mean cause, I mean you need something to fight for. You’re always looking for something meaningful to fight for. Protecting others against injustice is a trait I often see with someone who has Mars prominent in their first house.

If Mars is not sitting in your first house, then Lagnesha, i.e. the ruler of your first house, could be playing a hand in your fate and dominating that area of your chart.

Another example would be if Mars was aspected (drishti) at 180 degrees i.e. in the 7th house opposite the 1st house. Your first house would receive the full energy and power of the planet Mars.

If Mercury ruled your 1st house, and is also conjunct Mars, then Mercury would absorb the quality of Mars, and it would be as if Mars ruled your first house.

And yet another example is if Mars is sitting in your 6th house of open enemies or competition. A Mars placement here naturally incurs competitors you’ll have to fight. The same thing could be said of Mars in the 3rd house where one combines courage with fighting. These are just a few examples of how Mars can trigger the urge to fight.

Mars is a warror. If undeveloped, Mars can operate on a lower vibrational level and can cause you to act reckless and impulsive in the face of conflict. On a higher level, Mars can help you choose your battles wisely.

It is in Mars’s nature to fight now and ask questions later, but in all reality, not all fights are worth battling. Mars starts out as a soldier, but with hard work and focus, this planetary energy can be harnessed for good and deter violence through cunning strategy.

Tips for Developing Your Inner Mars

An excellent guide in aiding you if you feel that your Mars energy is getting the best of you is to read Sun Tzu’s Art of War. If you don’t feel like reading the entire book, pick up a copy of The Art of War Visualized by Jessica Hagy.

Not all fights are worth battling. Not all opponents are worthy opponents. To keep your inner Mars calm, also exercise and train your body. It will naturally please Mars and release any tension you feel when you get the itch to fight.

April Harter is an astrologer who runs the non-profit organization Soul Navigator, Inc. To learn more about Soul Navigator, visit